Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lorac Pro 3 Palette

Is anything in world better than a package you are anxious to get coming a day earlier? I don’t think so! Especially when it is a Sephora or Ulta package. Late last week Ulta released the Lorac Pro 3 palette to Platinum members and I was able to scoop it up. It got delivered today and it is stunning! I can already tell this will be my favorite of the 3 pro palettes.

Let’s start with the packaging. As you can see from the picture it comes in the standard pro palette box with a .19 oz deluxe sample of their Behind The Scenes eye primer. This is a great little bonus and although it isn’t my favorite eye primer it is pretty good and I will certainly use it. The color of the actual palette though is what I love most about the packaging. It is a great nude color that is actually quite pretty. I love the size of the Lorac Pro Palettes as well because they are so thin which makes it easy to travel with them.

The colors in this palette are right up my alley. You have a great mix of all over lid shades, crease, transition and some shades that can be used as liners. My only complaint is that I wish they would have either put a white shade in for us fair girls to use as a highlight or a deeper brown. I could have done without the black shade completely. How many black shadows does one person need, right?

As with all the Pro Palette’s this one has great pigmentation and is incredibly creamy when swatched. There was only one trouble shade of the bunch which seemed to be a little more dry and stiff. That shade in particular is medallion. It is still a gorgeous shade and you can totally work with it but it seems to be a different formula than the rest of the shadows which is odd.

Overall, I think this is a great addition to the Lorac Pro Palette line up and is certainly different than the first 2. I have included a picture of all 3 for you to reference. Are you excited about this release? Let me know if you will be picking it up!