Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I've been SMOKED!

It is no surprise when I say that I feel like I must buy every single great quality eyeshadow palette that I come across. It is a major weakness of mine. When I heard that Urban Decay was coming out with a new palette that focused on deeper smokier colors I had a smile planted on my face for the rest of the day. The Naked, Naked2, 15th Anniversary, and the BOS4 are already in my collection and I love each one of them for certain reasons now I can add the Smoked palette to the collection as well :)

The colors are as follows from the left top corner to the bottom right hand corner of the palette.
- Kinky: soft matte peachy ivory shade
- Freestyle: subtle matte nude shade
- Mushroom: shimmery warm grey shade
- Back Door: matte neutral dark brown shade
- Blackout: deep matte black shade
- Barlust: shimmery deep brown shade with a hint of gold
- Rockstar: shimmery eggplant shade
- Evidence: shimmery navy blue shade
- Loaded: shimmery dark green shade
- Asphalt: shimmery gunmetal shade with microglitter

This palette also comes with one full size eyeliner in Perversion which is a really dark black; and a mini original primer potion tube. Here are some swatches- the first picture is in the shade and the second one is the sun. The list above is the order in which they are swatched on my arm.

Overall this palette gets a big thumbs up. The eyeshadows are so smooth and creamy with the exception of Evidence. This color was a little less pigmented than the other shades and the texture was a little rough. It is still an awesome shade that will be ok once you use a brush and pack it on your eyes. I HIGHLY suggest picking this palette up if you love smokey eyes as much as I do. This palette retails for $49 and can be purchased at,, or

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