Friday, February 19, 2016

Looxi Beauty First Impressions

Does anyone else sit on google images for HOURS at night when you can’t sleep? Ok, maybe I am just the only weird one but I fight insomnia pretty bad so there are a lot of nights where I am just searching google images for different makeup related items. This is how Looxi Beauty waltzed into my life, I was up late searching google images for face highlighters and stumbled across their site. I decided to order 2 highlighters and 2 eye shadows just to try them and go from there. Their shipping is a little slow so you will have to be a little patient when you order. From what I understand they make each order as the orders are placed so they don’t keep a lot of pre stocked inventory which is why it takes a little longer than a normal online store. It was about 14 days after ordering when the order actually appeared in my mailbox. Alright, let’s get down to the actual products.
They do come just in the pan with a little envelope protecting it much like the Makeup Geek pans. They did have them all in a cute little organza bag (not shown) which was a nice touch.

The 2 top bigger pans are the highlighters in (L to R) Ever After and Goddess followed by the eyeshadow pans on the bottom (again L to R) in Nirvana and Lucky.

Let’s talk about the swatches. As you can see Ever After is much cooler than Goddess and has a slight pink and purple duochrome. I wore this tonight though and the duochrome is not obnoxious, it just looks like a cool toned highlight when applied with a lighter hand. You do have to be careful with both of these because they are really pigmented and it is easy to go overboard. I compared Ever After to the Dior Glowing Garden Pink Glow highlighter that I love so much and this isn’t near as pink but has more of a purple shift than the Dior. I also compared Goddess to Nars Tribulation because I thought maybe they were dupes but they aren’t. They are similar but Goddess has more of a duochrome appearance and the Nars isn’t nearly as intense on the skin. Both of these are beautiful, smooth, and very pigmented. Thumbs up on the highlighters for sure. Both shadows are pretty smooth although they are slightly drier than the highlighters. They swatched beautifully and I immediately popped a little bit of lucky over top of the shadow I already had on my lid. It went on without skipping or fallout so I think both of these will be winners too. I didn’t have time to really compare the shades to other things in my collection but if any of you are interested in seeing some comparisons I can certainly do that.
L-R Ever After, Goddess, Nirvana, Lucky

Overall I was pretty impressed! I did buy all 4 of the items mentioned with my own money and wouldn’t hesitate to order some more things from Looxi. It seems like a great Indie brand to me. Have you tried anything from the brand, if so is there anything that you feel like are must haves that I should pick up?

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